Health Policy Briefing Note

Health Policy Briefing NoteOrder DescriptionInstructions provided in the attachment. Do not write more than 1,000 words!nstructions:Prepare a briefing note of no more than 1,000 words (excluding title page and bibliography) onthe hypothetical scenario described below. The briefing note should include references (APAstyle). While the use of references may not be prototypical for briefing notes, the academicnature of this exercise renders it a required element.Note that reference materials on preparing briefing notes have been provided on our Moodlecourse website to assist you in the assignment.Hypothetical Scenario:Unionville General Hospital (UGH) has been experiencing a growing number of servicepressures due to fiscal pressures, population growth, and aging. These growing pressures arecausing UGH to consider new approaches and strategies. The status quo is just not an option.The UGH Board of Directors had hoped that the establishment of the multi-year HospitalAccountability Agreement with the LHIN would solve the year-after-year ambiguity of fundinglevels and the uncertainty of looming deficits and consequent balancing between service needsand operating costs.UGH had met the service volumes measured in the accountability agreement, but it was done atthe expense of other ?unmeasured? programs and services. As a result, the accountabilityagreement and the potential penalties contained therein often meant skewed priorities for UGHand less ability to meet the actual needs of the community. For example, the accountabilityagreement measured the reduction in wait times for hip and knee replacements and the hospitalhad no choice but to prioritize this service to avoid financial penalties, even though the real needin the community was for increased cardiac care.The UGH Board was also facing frequent complaints from its physicians that they could not getthe operating room time and the clinic time they needed to serve their patients. Several doctorswere threatening to stop taking emergency call while a number of them went as far ascontemplating the prospect of changing hospitals. These trends were very worrisome to theUGH Board and management.There were 2 neighbouring hospitals within the LHIN offering many of the same programs totheir communities. The 3 hospitals were about 20 to 30 minutes from each other. There washistorical competition among the 3 hospitals to open specialty programs in such areas as cardiaccare, rehabilitation, geriatrics, and other areas. This caused more financial burden for the?winning hospital? and actually reduced accessibility overall within the LHIN. It was obvious(and confirmed by the LHIN) that all 3 hospitals were suffering the same fate. Something had tobe done. The three Board Chairs had met and agreed to support talks by their managementteams.Challenge:As the Chief Executive Officer of UGH, you have been asked to present recommendations to theBoard for integration options with one or both of the two neighbouring hospitals. While the fullrange of integration options are possible, there appears to be a general lack of will by all partiesfor a formal (corporate) amalgamation. Other options for clinical, service, functional, andphysician integration seem to hold more promise.You are to prepare a briefing note for the Board on preferred options and next steps. You willidentify 1 to 3 integration options/strategies, state the rationale for your choices (includingexpected benefits), and recommend the next steps to be taken.Hints:? The lectures outline potential options and considerations to address such a situation? Ensure the recommended actions are feasible within the constraints of the scenario? While the briefing note can be done from the required readings/lectures, additionalresearch will be expected to receive a higher-than-average grade? Make sure your paper is spell-checked and grammar-checked2! :

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