Health Visitor and Environmental Job Roles

Becca Teasdale Task 5 In this task I will be talking about two job roles within a care setting that aims to promote the two job roles I will be talking about are health visitors and environmental health Health promotion involves three overlapping areas of these are health health promotion and health For example drug education in schools would come under health seat belt law come under health protection and immunisations would come under health Health education is giving people information for example the dangers and consequences of this allows people to then go on and make their own life choices whether to risk smoking or to Some people may make their own life choices around there beliefs and Health prevention is broke down into three these are primary which is to avoid and remove any chances of actually getting a this could involve talks such as a drugs and alcohol talk to young people in schools or posters and campaigns about The secondary part is to diagnose any early to prevent it getting any worse and causing this would be by recognising symptoms at an early stage for example taking blood The secondary section may include support groups for

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