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healthDiscussion 2Would you eat food that had been treated with radiation to reduce microbes and the risk of communicable disease? Explain the basis for your answer.Discussion 3Review the nine steps for conducting a community health assessment (CHA) as presented by the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) in the 2004 document ?A Handbook for Participatory Community Assessments: Experiences from Alameda County? and then skim the resulting CHA completed by ACPHD for the Hayward community in the report titled ?Hayward Health Profile?. Consider the nine steps and the way that they were utilized by ACPHD. Next, choose a step that is of interest to you and has not been chosen by more than two other students. Once you have chosen a step, claim it by posting a reply to this discussion topic and changing the subject line of your post to ?Step (the number of your chosen step)?. As always, incorrectly titled posts will be given a grade of zero. Also, please note that a step that has already been posted by three students is considered taken. If you post the same step, it will be given a grade of zero. Then, edit your post and provide a response that critically assesses ACPHD?s use of that step for completing the Hayward Health Profile. Be sure to provide examples of success and possible ways for improvement.!

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