Hilton’s sustainable development policies and practices. Lessons learnt and

Hilton?s sustainable development policies and practices. Lessons learnt and further improvement.The Individual SynthesisThe objective of the individual synthesis is to offer each studentthe Fippomflltlly toiIr1?tf111:<_13Iton the extent to which firms are able to adopt environmental sustainabi ity prac icesstrategic programs.This paper replaces a comprehensive exam on the course material. The paper shoulddemonstrate an understanding of the course concepts by combining or synthesizing themaround a central concept or thesis.This central concept or thesis is chosen by the participant and the paper will consequentlyrepresent the individual?s point of view. This is not an exercise in summarizing what has beenpresented.The participant?s thesis should reflect their point of view on one aspect of how aparticular firm (you choose) in a particular industry (you choose) can become moreenvironmentally sustainable while maintaining or increasing its competitiveness withinthe industry.Arguments should be drawn from material presented in class, including lectures, readings,cases and debates. Additionally, other relevant and properly-referenced literature may also beused. The advantages and disadvantages of such practices should be explored as well asimplementation strategies.The final report is due at noon the last day of term: Friday July 25 2014I?amg?S5?b::? Submmed e1?.otToI1iCa11y,.typewritten, double-spaced and contain a maximum of 20Eh :1 a er Yhl?X1ld(?XClluding appendices, eXhlbltS, table of contents. and bibliography). Further,Sumpmg S %l1l itnc ude an, introduction section, conclusion section; however an executiveDiscuss.!

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