Hirsch, Freire, and Our Pedagogical System

Amber Howell David Vaughan Composition II 15 February 2012 and our Pedagogical System The idea that we are falling behind in the ever advancing race for the highest education rates frightens many China and Japan have already surpassed the United States in Science and but are they also going to pass us in English literacy Scholars and alike have decided that reform is needed to improve our entire education system for the students and our English experts have tried to solve our ever declining literacy rates with different theories and years of Two of the front Paulo Freire and have come up with two ideas that have caused agreement and contention between those who are trying to increase literacy Freire gives us the idea that we need to expand on critical literacy and relate our words to our world and our world to our He wants students to have more freedom in their learning On the other Hirsch wants a more centralized curriculum to expand our Cultural While these two ideas might seem to be complete polar opposites of each other they actually have some Great ideas can be taken from both of these authors and applied to the reform

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