History and Political Science

History and Political ScienceDocument analysis: political violence in Germany in the lead up to Nazi power (the Nazi capture of power)Project descriptionAlways introduce the author (or formulating institution, body or agency) of each document. Find out as much about it/him/her/them in each case as necessary by searching the indexes of books from the library and the internet (where appropriate)Set the document in its historical context ? when was it written and why, etc?Think about who it was written for. Was there a specific recipient or audience? (This is more relevant in some cases than others).Use the document to answer the question, while bringing in as many other sources as you think necessary. DO NOT MERELY DESCRIBE THE DOCUMENT. Use it as one of a number of sources to answer the question.?Referencing Requirements:Document for analysis: Extract from Bernt Engelmann?s autobiographical memoir, in Hitler?s Germany, (1986), pp. 1-4!

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