History and Political Science FEDERALISM

Project descriptionThe issue of state versus federal power continues to be debated by Americans. You may remember that Bob Dole tried to make federal power an issue in the 1996 presidential campaign by always carrying around a copy of the tenth amendment. It worked as a symbol of his campaign promise to return as much power as possible to the states. Most famously, the American Civil War brought the issues of state power to the forefront. In this module we explore the issue of federalism from an historical perspective and examine the often contentious relationship between the states and the federal government.Write a 250-word essay explaining your answers of the questions below:Part 1: What are the constitutional rationales used for expansion of federal powers? Hint: What major Supreme Court cases occurred in the early part of the 1800s. What issues were used to expand the power of the federal government and government programs? What direction do you see in the future of relations between the states and the federal government?Part 2: Review news articles on federalism.Select at least one of those articles and summarize in about a paragraph. Then tell me what political actors are involved.

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