History and Political Science Us History

History and Political Science Us HistoryThis essay should be no less than two, no more than three pages. Points will be deducted for not complying to the page limits. Your essay should also be written in formal essay style, with an introduction, a thesis statement, body and conclusion, and checked for grammar and content. Margins should be 1?, left justified, 12 point times new roman font, and double spaced. For the second essay, you have the option of writing your essay on one of the following documents. You will need to include the following information in the body of your essay: Author, date of document, intended audience, brief summary of three key points included in the document and the historical context( this should be the most developed part of the essay). Historical context is from the contemporary perspective (not 2011 but from the time period in which the document was written). What does the document reveal about the time period under study? To what law or situation is the document responding? What is the law mentioned or situation revealed? What does the document reveal about the subject under study? These are just a few examples of things to consider when looking at a document. If you are not sure what to consider when working on the context of a document essay, please contact Dr. Beachley for assistance. Context information must be drawn from the Oakes text and lecture notes only. Any document essay that does not provide specific historical context information from the Oakes text AND lecture will face a significant point reduction. No outside sources. No wickipedia! I will attach additional sources that Need to be the focus of the paper. The document, chapter and lecture notes. please note chapter and lecture notes need to be sited in essay. The main part is based off the document artcle.:

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