Homeless? by Anna Quindlen Essay Help

In this story Homeless? Anna writes about analyzing what homeless don?t have and to look at them differently it all started by a women named Ann and there she had realized of the homeless. She Quindlen knows what Ann is talking about how home is very meaningful I also understand. Hopelessly Quindlen terminates that our faculty of being home has adjusted. During the time I originally discord with Anna that the homeless are the one to give tender feelings. She convinced us to focus on what they needed other than who we think they should be. FeelingHomeless? by Anna Quindlen that she had pulled my strings at the beginning by reason of she decided upon as her homeless person not a crazy lady but a woman she had met at the Port Authority terminal that claimed that she?s not really homeless. Ann pulls out a photo but not a weapon I sensed Quindlen had ambushed me. I admit that Home is where the heart is at? after all I also eulogize my 2 bedroom apartment that is occupied by nine people. Yet it keeps us secured and stable. Home is where memories are made kept and given. The homeless that I?ve seen are mostly men walking around asking for money most of them don?t have card-boards to live in. They seem to scare me. I?m afraid that one of these days they?ll abduct me and maybe I?ll end up spiritless. When mother and I go for a walk in the area of East Los Angeles I hold her close to me we?re both constantly on guard because the homeless are everywhere. I feel like running home where I can hide and have protection. In one?s view a person can?t be fulfilled without a permanent home for many cases. A person without a permanent home is similar to not living. If it?s a temporary home then the person would be frustrated for the reason that he or she won?t be able to live in a home for long and wants to have a life where she or he can keep inviting guests and have a home where that person will be able to do anything. On the other hand if it is not a permanent home nor a temporary home this is an incomparable situation seeing that a person who is homeless isn?t achieving anything and not experiencing how it feels to have a home. Seeing others eating well dressing well having a healthy life is not making the homeless feel satisfied for what they have-not. Assuming that Quindlen?s essay was about how the homeless require a home alike any other human this case which I acknowledge here and now the purpose can do more than that an unimaginable home where a person can confidentially do anything just plenty that we need to produce the homeless. Quindlen mentions however she does not adjust on those who prevent shelters because of personal reasons they have been through the past. We should know their needs as well. And we need to consider providing a place free of fear for those who instead of wanting to paint a room blue would like to read a book or watch a movie on TV. I agree that home is everything Ann needs a home that she can call her own but to be a compassionate people we should take the time to understand and help even those who don?t have pictures of yellow houses in their soiled bags.”

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