Homelessness in America

Homelessness in AmericaPaper instructions: Research Paper on Social Policy and/or Vulnerable Population 100 Points Description ? Write a 4 ? 6 page double-spaced paper using APA format and scholarly peer-reviewed articles or textbooks addressing a Social Welfare Policy/or Vulnerable Groups effected by a policy. ?Instructor will pre-approve topics, in order to ensure understanding and feasibility of research topic on policy (policies) that help or hinder specific vulnerable populations. ?Describe a social welfare policy. Discuss how policy makers advocated for the vulnerable population to bring about social change. Identify the values that shaped the policy. Describe how it relates to the advancement of social and economic justice. Explain how the policy is put into practice and how the program is funded. Provide a personal reflection on your own perception of the policy, does it help or hinder vulnerable populations it?s aimed to assist? Offer ideas on how to improve the policy:

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