homelessness trauma informed care policy brochure

homelessness trauma informed care policy brochurePaper instructions:Students will develop a profession, well designed and edited 8.5 x 11 front and back handout for employees at their chosen organization(Memphis Family Shelter) with a proposed policy and tips for working with the selected population(Homelessness for mothers and children) in trauma-informed ways. It should include evidence of research surrounding the population being served and how they have been affected by trauma, the importance and ethical imperative to serve this population in trauma informed ways, recommendations for practitioners in providing services specific to the organization that are trauma-informed, and suggested resources for practitioners to learn more on their own. Information should be cited within the text of the handout, and a separate reference page should be attached. Grading attention will be given to careful selection and synthesis of numerous peer reviewed journal articles to support the importance and specifics of trauma-?informed care for this population, evidence of strong understanding of TIC and it?s practice implications, creativity in presentation and design, appropriateness of design for workplace chosen, and evidence of noting the presence of capacity and resilience within the population being served.PowerPoint presentation that corresponds with the Proposed Policy Handout. Matching in both look, theme, and built on the same research sources, the presentation would be given to the appropriate staff as an in service training at your chosen organization. It should go into greater depth of each of the issues reviewed in the Proposed Policy handout, and should follow the same format and design theme as the handout. Students should create a visually pleasing and practically informative and education presentation that could be given in no less than 15 minutes to staff introducing them to the concept of Trauma-Informed care, how it applies to the populations, and suggestions for service implications. It should be engaging, creative, error free and immediately usable at the organization you have chosen.:

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