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Need a cover letter for a job I?m trying to get. on stone brooke university. I?m putting my resume up so you guys can see what I?m talking about. just copy the info and make a page long cover letter i need it by 3pm today. this is a help guide to tell you more about this hospital and what it is about. Campus Description: The best ideas in medicine start with the best people. At Stony Brook Medicine, our highest calling is to put the power of ideas to work in our patients? lives. Stony Brook Medicine integrates and elevates all of Stony Brook University?s health-related initiatives: education, research and patient care. It includes Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island?s premier academic medical center. With 603 beds, SBUH is the region?s only tertiary care center and Level 1 Trauma Center. We are home of the Stony Brook Heart Institute, Stony Brook Cancer Center, Stony Brook Long Island Children?s Hospital, Stony Brook Neurosciences Institute, and Stony Brook Digestive Disorders Institute. At Stony Brook Medicine, we put the power of ideas to work. Join our team at Stony Brook Medicine ? the best ideas in medicine.

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