Housing; Recreational Areas and Bathing Facilities; disaster santation Moduule 4 (Case)

Housing and HabitabilityQuestion 1: You are an environmental health inspector asked to investigate problems at a local low-income andpoorly maintained apartment complex. There is lead-based paint peeling from the walls, and mold growing onthe walls. Summarize the health hazards associated with lead and mold in this particular setting, anddescribe what may be done to control these two public health problems. Keep in mind the limitations andchallenges a low-income community may face, living in poorly maintained housing.Swimming PoolsQuestion 2: One of your goals is to protect the health of swimmers at a local recreational pool. Discuss twomethods that have been used to treat swimming pool water, ozonation and chlorination. Then, identify themethod or combination of methods that would provide the best protection to swimmers and the public?s health.!

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