How does the world end in Dr. Strangelove

Q1- How does the world end in Dr. Strangelove? How does the idea of ?initiative? suffer in the face of the actions of the dedicated crew in Dr. Strangleove? What is a ?mineshaft gap? asmentioned in the film?Q2- Trace the development of Travis Bickle?s odyssey from ordinary cabbie to that of the hero who rescues Iris. How effective are the slow motion scenes as we watch Travis watch the streetaction? What is the purpose of the cafeteria scenes as Travis meets the other night cabbies?Q3- Compare Michael to Lyle in Red Rock West. Remember that one drives a white Cadillac, the other a black Buick. GM has the hierarchy of cars with Cadillac bearing more social cachet than aBuick. Consider that as you compare the two characters given the incidents in the film.Every answer of a question will be 3 pages minimum.! :

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