How Information Flows Within An Organization

How Information Flows Within an Organization Roger Jones CIS 207 November 2014 Cornell Perry Information has to travel through different types of pathways in order to be received and Think of the pathways of information like the transit Information is loaded into systems by using input like keyboards or After the information is imputed it is transferred to some type of storage whether hard disk or or Once this information is transferred it is then able to be accessed and used as long as the correct permissions are The storage allows for future access and the ability to retransmit the data to another by using the Internet or removable devices like flash drives or external hard The ability to create and use information would not be possible without the hardware that allows the user to input the information they want others to read or It can go down to basic components like hard in conjunction with the hardware there has to be software which outputs the data so the user can read Once the data is read the user can create databases or upload the information to different locations like a cloud based Once again with the ability to do

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