How little is the cost I have bestowed in purcha

How little is the cost I have bestowed in purchasing the semblance of my soul,(3.5.19-20) is where the heart of this play is in my eyes. Portia doing what she can for her one true love, Bassanio. Money is of no importance to her especially when it comes to the happiness or unhappiness of Bassanio. There are many places in the Merchant of Venice that show Portia and Bassanios indifference, and what seems to be apathy toward wealth. Many are hidden and many are as clear as day to the reader. I found that reading into The Merchant of Venice was a fun and interesting experience. The way Shakespeare wrote his plays makes people really think about what they are reading; it reminded me of a maze. Portia, an unspoiled Princess to riches, a Princess that doesnt need to think or worry about money. It is something she has an unimaginable amount of, yet it doesnt change who she is or what her values are. Her father seemed to instill in her that money isnt everything to everybody; how you care about people and values are what matter the most in life. When we first see Bassanio, he is telling Antonio of a secret trip he plans to take to win the heart of Portia; yet he has no means to get there due to his extravagant living which has left him in debt to others. At first money seems to be of some importance to Bassanio, but towards the middle of the play his thoughts seem to change. Although Portias father does not have a so-called character in The Merchant of Venice; his presence is definitely felt through Portias character, as well as the scrolls on the caskets. In doing this, Portias father in a way still had a hand helping to choose the right husband for his daughter. When each of the princes come to woo Portia and go into the casket room, they look for what would be the most creative answer in picking out the casket. The gold casket scroll reads Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire. (2.7.4-5). When the…

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