How often has it been that you create a New

How often has it been that you create a New Years resolution, only to end up breaking it within a month? Did you know that only 1 out of 10 people in the United States actually follow through with their New Years resolution, and that this can probably be attributed to poor goal setting? Fact: Personal goals are supposed to be the easiest to follow through on. So how do you set goals properly in order to reach an achievement? And if personal goals are the easiest to follow through with, how do major corporations, which set insane goals yearly (like doubling profits) almost always manage to reach their targets, which can require organizing the achievements of hundreds or even thousands of people? By setting goals properly. By setting goals the right way enacting on them is easier. To more fully explore this, we will; I. Look at reasons for goal setting II. Look at a models for feedback & create comparisons to reality III. Define the parts which make up the whole. I. In the co-operation of people into vital & thriving organization, goals are created for reasons including; 1. Goals guide & direct behavior =* Creating clarity 2. Goals provide challenges & standards =* Provide challenge 3. Goals serve as a source of legitimacy =* Provide framework 4. Define an organizations structure =* Determining relations of: i. Power ii. Authority iii. Communication iv. Division of Class II. With much insight and analysis, models of checks and balances have been created to insure proper goal setting. Through these models, when an organization falls short of its goals, a feedback system exists which more accurately defines points that are problematic. By allowing a comparison between present performance and what is required for the goal achievement. Furthermore by creating these models of goal setting, outlines of proper organizational behavior are created. By …

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