How to create a Create a formal letter

How to create a Create a formal letterWriting Prompt: Create a formal letter (ch. 11) explaining your choice of implementing either a pneumatic or electrical valve system to reduce methane emissions from wells. Data and other information should come from the EPA articles linked below. The first draft will be a research draft (see Ch. 3), establishing the emissions parameters based on EPA data (under the Pneumatics/Controls section of the linked page: read the links in the sub-headings to understand the various systems available) and create a point by point analysis/comparison of two selected gas valve emission control systems, both in terms of efficiency and cost (in terms of retrofitting existing infrastructure with either updated pneumatic valves or an entirely new system).In the second, formal letter/draft, summarize your findings and make your choice, stating the reasons in your letter.Information at the following link: (copy/paste into browser) THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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