How to write a Proposal

How to write a ProposalI. Introduction ? This section will include your topic and problem statements. It should include your thesis and your research question ? that is, what you are hoping to answer in this paper.II. Background/Literature Review ? Here you will review your sources and categorize information according to topics related to your thesis. Organize the topics into the most logical order for presenting information. Then write at least 100 words under each category summarizing the major findings from the literature.III. Major arguments/points ? Come up with at least three arguments/points for your thesis and write at least 100 words describing the basis for each of your points and the sources that will support this.IV. Discussion ? This could be folded into your major arguments/points. If not, you will need to use this space to refute any opposing ideas and discuss your rationale.V. Conclusion/Recommendations ? State your thesis and summarize how it is supported and or make any recommendations.In leadership, you should be able to do more with less. To lead sometimes you need to be able to give others information that they can take and learn from as well as create new ideas on their own. Sometimes being a leader it can be hard to make decisions and you need to be able to do so in a professional manner as well as make a direct point.!

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