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We are a company that distributes and sells components parts and computer equipment in addition to a full range of electronic and technological equipment. We also provide maintenance and repairing of computers and diagnostic advisory systems. MISSION Providing high technology communication entertainment and computing solutions both businesses and end consumers always looking for customer satisfaction through competitive prices variety availability and speed of delivery providing excellent care and personalized advice finding solutions to the needs of our customers VISION Be considered as the best in technology nationwide and on the web through a system of online catalog thatHow you can create your company allows customers to easily place their order and proceed to send quickly and safely around the country ensuring quality and warranty. ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT TEAM President ? Achieve and maintain customer satisfaction highest standards in their innovative products and services. Sales and Marketing ? Supplies in the world delivers added value products and for their customers. Commercial Services ? Demonstrate commitment to sustainable development and play an important role in social responsibility. Sales Department ? Functions are to prepare plans and sales budgets Customer Service ? Its essential for customer service have updated statistics that reveal the opinion of its customers in order to make improvements and solutions PRODUCTS OR SERVICE ? CELL PHONES Accessories Batteries Screen Filters ? Cables Power Cables KVM Cables Cables for Printer ? Tables and Chairs Scarves CDs Mouse Pads Calculators ? Cameras ? Desktops ? Hard Drives ? Electronics ? Scanners ? Power Supplies ? IPods ? Games Consoles ? Ram memory ? Monitors ? Notebooks netbooks ? Cleaning Product ? USB products ? SD cards VARIOUS PRODUCTS ADVERTISEMENT (TO MAKE PEOPLE KNOW YOUR COMPANY) EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO FIND IT ON TECHNOLOGY”

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