Howard Zinn: Use and Abuse of History Summary

Response to Howard Zinn article History is something we constantly refer to progress ourselves as we learn from our mistakes and continue to strive from our But who is to say what is a horrible mistake or a courageous act of That which was documented about what happened so long was done by a person who spread the story or wrote it down from their Howard argument that there is no such thing as impartial history clearly illustrates that when history is recorded there is always two sides to the that things are either left out or kept in to sway the reader to one side or the is whether they know it or in possessing fundamental purposes and Use and Abuse of Not only can history be recorded partially but also it can be preached By that I mean that in society many things are not published or not If they share a view that the government that a publisher knows will not sell a book or that will cause negative controversy the history probably make it to the eyes of the and Abuse of History is partial because no matter who tells all the details cannot be accounted

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