HR Challenges after the Mergers and Acquisitions in country X

Paper detailsThe following four areas need to be discussed in your Draft Proposal 1.Introduction, research question, aims and objectives ( approx. 300 words) 2Literature Review, including appropriate theory, that justifies your research question ( approx. 500 words) 3.Methodology ( approx. 500 words) 4. Ethical issues in your research ( approx. 200 words) Reference throughout and add the bibliographyToday, without having an effective & potential Human Resource professionals, it would be problematic and challenging for any organization to achieve and sustain effectiveness.? This research will identify the key HR challenges through questionnaire to all HR staff, and all supervisory level and above of other departments in the Organization in order to analyze HR opinions about their challenge and other department?s opinion about HR contributions for facilitating the change process after the M&A and also to analyze whether those challenges are having the same impact for female and male employees? ability to handle the job or this is also another factor in the middle east culture. please notice that, the mergers and acquisitions in country X was between two companies, very different in many things, (eastern and western). the base country is in the middle east which is very different from the new one in terms of business environment aspects such as religion, culture and stability in the Middle East are very different than those in the west. Thus, merging between two different Eastern & Western businesses in terms of culture, language, religion, value, understanding and stability will increase challenges and pressure on employees for achieving its objectives. these are some of the key challenges: 1-Change in communication language Every manager with a global role must be fluent in English, and anyone with regional general management responsibilities must be competent in English. . . . We are adamant about the language requirement ? and it creates problems. (Taylor, 1991: 94-5)2-Increased demands from the employer Because of competitive pressures after the M&A, the business must be ready for challenges in its internal & external environment. And increasing business demands on the employees is one of the main factors behind these challenges. Training and development staff were the focal point for filling the existed gaps in the employees skills by bringing professional and specialized trainees in order to share and transfer these knowledge and motivate the employees by simplifying specific steps to take in order to handle the business needs efficiently. Most of the managerial levels were trained outside X country in qualified training centres and the rest of the employees were trained inside for problem solving, time management and decision making.3-Change in recruitment plan The creative industries focus on producing challenging and innovative products and ideas (Florida, 2006)4-HR reports to multi HR Head Quarters5-The internalisation of business Due to globalization, organizations are required to build new know-hows to face business challenges.P.S. this research is a quantitative research.please send me the outline before proceeding to work on it as i really want to make sure about the outline PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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