Hrothgars Offer After Beowulf had saved my peop

Hrothgars Offer After Beowulf had saved my people from the treacherous monster, Grendel, I really felt that I owed him a lot more than I had offered him. Although I gave him a crown and many other gifts to reconcile for the things he did for Herot, I felt like I owed him the world. I realized one night that I really wanted to offer Beowulf a position in my court. After long thought I realized that no one would be a better vice-king, than Beowulf. So, when I woke up the next morning, I called Beowulf into the Hall where I sat to eat breakfast. I told him of my need to give him more than he had received in consolation and I offered to him the newly founded position of vice-king. Beowulf was honored by my proposal and thanked me profusely for the offer, however he would not accept my invitation. His words were My heart is in fighting off monsters and saving people such as I did yours. If I take on the responsibility of vice-king, I am afraid I wont be able to fight off the monsters of the world, and that is what I am good at, and what I love to do. Although I was a little sadden by the refusal, I knew all along that Beowulf doesnt belong behind the throne, but in the battles. Even though Beowulf did not except my offer, we are still very close friends and he promises to visit Herot often. …

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