(the links above is recommended by the teacher for us to use for research) Description of Case Assignment Case Assignment 5: Stratasys As if your project scope was not broad enough, another client Stratasys has hired your team to help it understand the state of competition in the 3-D printing industry. Stratasys would like you to help them with a number of tasks. They are interested in knowing more about how they can protect their intellectual property. Specifically they would like your team help them understand their options in regards to patent strategy. From the USPTO patent database, the client would like you to identify three key competitors, three potential alliance or acquisition targets, four potential new personnel hires, and two or three logical locations to situate an operating facility should they choose to ally with, or acquire one of the suggested alliance or acquisition targets (Use one as an example). What is VIP?s patent strategy? Your client is also interested in your thoughts on the patent activity of its two major competitors. Is a patent race underway? Who is winning? Please reference online information sources appropriately using endnotes. Please end the analysis with a Discuss (check for the help you need)ion regarding implications. In other words, after gathering the data, so what? What does it mean? Note/ for referance, minimum of 3 online sources should be included I can provide examples if needed, but this is an important paper for my fourth year course in business, i would appreciate it much if the paper includes analytical thinking and focused on business topics

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