Huck and Jim both have seen money differently be

Huck and Jim both have seen money differently because Huck is white and has a chance in like and can make it. Jim was a slave and really couldnt make money. Huck had a lot of money but didnt spend it that easily Oher a hundred and fifty dollars. Quite a fortune for you(p.12). huck and Tom were in a cave and found six thousand dollars that robbers left there. So a couple of bucks really didnt matter to Huck. Though jim saw it as a fortun. No but I ben rich wuast a gwyne be rich again, wunst I had forteen dollars(p.35). This just explaining the difference in the value of money is for them. Even though Huck and Jim and they are also very simular. They are both looking for freedom. Jim wanted to gain his freedom from slavery. de widder she try to gither to say she wouldnt do it, but I never waited to here deres(p.33). In this Jim is talking about how Miss Watson is going to sell him down the river. If Jim had stayed on the plantation he was never going to see his wife and children again. Huck on the other hand left to get away from society and its upbringings also his father who beat him for no apparent reason. she put me in them new cloths again, and I couldnt do nothing but sweat and sweat and feel all cramped up(p.11). This shows how all the pressure of society mad Huck feel uncomfortable. All this shows the differences and similarities in both Huck and Jim. …

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