Human Cloning Most people panic when the

Human Cloning Most people panic when they hear the words Human Cloning. Crazy thoughts run through their heads, imaginations run wild. They think of the world being run over by a million little Hitlers. They think of people thinking exactly like one another, and that no person would be different. And for some reason because of cloning, the world, as we know it will cease to exist. Cloning to some people is even considered evil. Most religious people believe that it is Playing God, they think that mankind is not supposed to have this power. Cloning, however, is not a magical way of creating life. It is a scientific procedure that will save many lives, cure diseases and let infertile couples have biological children of their own. Many mammals have already been cloned successfully and lead normal lives. The clone will not be the exact same person as the donor. They will look alike and have the same genes, but they will not talk, think, or act alike. In fact, if someone attempted to clone Hitler they might end up with a moderately talented artist. Neither will the clone start off at the same age as the donor. If the donor is 35 the clone will start off as a normal baby. The benefits of human cloning are many. One of the most crucial problems in the world is finding organ donors that have compatible organs with the person that needs them. If there is a patient with a very rare blood type, chances are that they will die before they find a match. Using cloning technology, you can clone a persons organs, grow them, and then use them for a transplant. The organ is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with the patient. This procedure could save millions upon millions of lives. I can not understand how anyone could say that we have A moral obligation to ban cloning when it could save millions of peoples lives. I am sure if it was …

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