Human Resource Management (PBL Exercise ? Ethical and Professional HRM)

Human Resource Management (PBL Exercise ? Ethical and Professional HRM)PBL Exercise ? Ethical and Professional HRMOn one end of the political spectrum, proponents of the importance of protecting the welfare ofemployees at work argue that:companies which are run with a view to the long-term interests of their keystakeholders are more likely to prosper than those which take a short termshareholder first approach ? Put simply, companies need to listen, to process and torespond constructively to the values and needs of their stakeholders, most especiallytheir employees, customers and investors. Failure to do this will reduce long-termcommercial viability and increase the risk of corporate demise (Sillanpaa and Jackson,2000: 227).Conservative advocates at the other end of the political spectrum agree:The business that treats its customers contemptuously, or its staff unjustly, or itssuppliers dishonestly, will often find them hard to retain. In a free market, the mostproductive staff, the finest suppliers and the cheapest and most flexible sources offinance can do better than to stay with a business that cheats or treats them unfairly ?In the long run, unethical business is less likely to succeed (Sternberg, 2000:19).Lafer finds it notable that both sides share this central conviction: that the drive to maximizelong-term profits naturally overlaps with the imperative to treat employees justly. It is, in fact,more than striking. It is a fact that begs for explanation, because the shared conviction isso palpably at odds with evidence from the business world (Lafer 2005:288).Can the interest of employees and the interests of business really coincide? What happenswhen they are in conflict? And what role should HR managers take when they do?Task:1. Find an example of a situation in which you believe that the interests of seniormanagement/owners are clearly in conflict with the interests of some or all of their employees.NB. Chose an example described in the public domain. When you submit your paper,append key article/s or any lengthy descriptive information.NB. If your example is not current, you may need to nominate a specific point in timefor your analysis.2. What are three options available to an HRM professional in this situation? Which optionwould you chose and why? Defend your choice in relation to what constitutes ethical and professional behaviour.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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