Human Resource Management ? Training & Development

Human Resource Management ? Training & DevelopmentThis essay must be completed in a Master Level as i?m doing Human Resource Management Postgraduate. There will be a file with detailed instruction. In total there will be 3 files upload. Please review all the files i upload. Below are the 4 essay titles where you only have to select one and completed1. With reference to different national Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems, assess the advantages and disadvantages of involving employers and employer representatives in the management of vocational training.2. To what extent does the culture and practices from the ?home country? affect the way in which training and development is implemented within multinational companies?3. Why might an organization adopt a strategic approach to Human Resource Development? Critically discuss what HR practitioners can do to ensure it is implemented in practice.4. To what extent can the idea of the workplace as a learning environment contribute to the quality of learning for different groups of workers?

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