Humanistic counselling.

Humanistic counselling.Identify key concepts in three models. Person centred. Gestalt. And existential.Choose 2 key concepts from each model. For example: person centred: core conditions and configurations of self. Explore and explain the development of concepts. For example: Carl Rogers started with the unitary self concept but Mearns and Thorne changed that to be configurations of self. How have these theories developed? For example : Rogers theory is 50 or 60 years old?..society back then was very different to society now. Tell us how you?ve identified those evolutions in the models. What are they? How have they come about? Why are they useful now? Why is Rogers unitary concept not as useful today?How does the concept of self relate to that? Illustrate with examples x2. For example: if your personal history is how you understand yourself, you always need to be in a relationship in order to make yourself understood, your personal history may be for you, you are never on your own because maybe you can?t bear to be with your sense of self, it?s only bearable in relation to another.RESEARCH: this takes you away from for example what Rogers is telling you about the cor conditions and asking how it works in practice.for example: this is my experience of working with the core conditions with those who have been abused.The research is related to the 2 concepts you pick from each model.In modern day terms with certain client groups is it both necessary and sufficient or is it deficient in some way? Are the core conditions completely sufficient?What about from a Gestalt perspective?. What are the practitioners experience of working with the empty chair?Harvard referencing

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