I Am David is written by Anne Holm and is about a

I Am David is written by Anne Holm and is about a boy called David. David is a twelve year old boy who has spent his life in a concentration camp. One day a man from the camp helps him to escape. He is told that he must go north until he comes to Denmark. He doesn’t know what life is like outside the camp and is constantly scared in case he gets caught. The only way to get food is by finding it or earnng money to buy it. He sneaks aboard a ship thats sailing for Italy but is caught by a sailor. The sailor takes pity on him and allows him to go the rest of the way. When he is travelling in Italy he sees a girl trapped in a burning hut and saves her life. The girls parents allow David to stay in there house as a thank you. David doesn’t tell them where he came from so the parents become suspicious and David has to run away again. This is a very good book and is one of the best I read all year. …

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