I chose to do my research report on Male Respon

I chose to do my research report on Male Responses to Feminism. In which I read this book called Who Needs Feminism? by Richard Holloway. Richard Holloway, distinguished churchmen, and male theologians in this book discusses the key aspects of feminism and how it affects the way they live, understand the world and the Christian faith today. I think feminism is based on the principle that women have innate worth, inalienable rights, and valuable ideas and talents to contribute to society. It is true to me that feminism goes beyond mere equality and insists not only that women be given equal rights with men, but also that they be respected for themselves as well. In addition, feminism has always been about more than just womens rights. From what I have learned thru all my years of school is that some of the same individuals who were key figures in the early womens rights movement were also influential abolitionists, fighters for workers and childrens rights, and reformers at all levels of government and church. For example in one of my history classes I remember learning about a women named Betty Friedan who was a womens activist and fought for the rights of women in the womens rights movement. In the womens rights movement I think it has always been the idea that each individual has innate rights; that each individual is a valuable, contributing member of society. In this book the distinguished churchmen, and male theologians say that, Feminism presents a profound internal challenge to the tents of Christianity (Pg 8). This brings up certain questions to me. In fact what positive contribution does feminism have to offer? Is feminism helpful only to women? Or is it true that men need feminism too? That is how Richard Holloway and his colleagues respond to feminism in this book. To some people, men as well as women, feminism is a subversive threat to both church and …

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