I. Description of the Crimes On May 7, 1972dm

I. Description of the Crimes On May 7, 1972dmund Kemper began his series of murders. His first two victims were both students at Fresno State College. They were hitchhiking to Stanford University, but they made the tragic mistake of excepting a ride from Kemper. After driving them around for while, he pulled into a remote deserted area. He forced Anita Luchese into the trunk of the car, and turned his attention to his first victim Mary Ann Pesce. He put in the back seat face down, and placed a plastic bag over her head. He then attempted to try to strangle her with a piece of cloth. But, his efforts were not successful at first, because even though she was handcuffed, she was able to bite a hole in the bag and to make Kemper even angrier the cloth broke. By this time Kemper became extremely frustrated with his efforts. He then proceeded to pull a knife and repeatedly stabbed Mary Ann, and eventually slashed her throat. Anitas death was much quicker, after Kemper removed her from the trunk he stabbed her with a different and larger knife. She fought and screamed for little bit, but finally wore down, and she to died a senseless death. Afterward, Kemper drove around for a while with the bodies still in his car, while trying to decide what to do with the bodies. He eventually brought Anitas body into his apartment, where he undressed her and dissected her body. He then beheaded both womens bodies. Kemper disposed of Mary Anns body in the plastic bag he tried to suffocate her with, and buried her body. Kemper later lead the police to the location of her body. He kept their heads for a while before dumping them into a ravine. Anitas remains were never found. Kemper drew no suspicion from these two murders, so he continued to prowl. On September 14, 1972, he picked up Aiko Koo, a fifteen-year-old dancer of Korean descent. She was on her way to dance class when she became tired of waiting for the bus and decide to hitchhi…

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