I have a cousin who’s little girl, Christina wa

I have a cousin who’s little girl, Christina was born mentally impaired; she, at the age of 7 has no mental functions despite those of a very basic nature. She has total congenital hearing failure; she cannot speak. It is incredibly frustrating to communicate to this unfortunate waif of a child. To supplement the ever increasing costs of care for her, my cousin and her husband have agreed to, on alternate weekends provide a medical lab with a fascinating research subject; a real live little girl. Last weekend, they inserted a tube into her throat via an incision, and fed her with poisonous chemicals until she convulsed. One summer afternoon, she was restrained to a surgical table, and had her skull split open and vital nerves disconnected-just out of curiosity. She was temporarily blinded from this experiment. They like to starve her half to death to see how she will react; one time they locked her in a cage that was electrically wired to shock her when she moved- behavior modification they called it. She now is suffering from a deadly virus she has been injected with. Well, they reason, she can’t speak to us, she can’t understand us when we speak to her, she’ll certainly never go to college, give us beautiful, normal grandchildren.who’s really being hurt here? If she were in pain, she’d tell us. Well, obviously, this is a gross exaggeration. This will never happen to a human child. We are sacred. This is life you may not touch with a surgical instrument for no reason. This is life that may not be poisoned to death, slowly, or tortured in a sadistic laboratory ritual. World-renowned lecturer and author Peter Singer refers to this as “speciesism”. Inflicting pain on a living creature, and then justifying it because it is not a human being. These atrocities happen hourly. Household names, protectors of our hardwood furniture and patrons of our tartar-free smiles inflict this agony with our consent to puppies, k…

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