I have observed in my nineteen years of living

I have observed in my nineteen years of living that almost everyone in this society strives to be the same or like the popular culture. The average person is very materialistic, and strives for an appealing physical appearance. Artificiality is common in the popular culture. For example, dying of hair color, inserting color contacts, getting lyposuction, implants or removal of flaws on the body is prevalent. I strongly oppose human cloning primarily because I believe that humans already try to replicate themselves enough and having the same genes is not necessary. Plus, just because there may be two identical beings doesnt mean that they will behave the same. In this essay will explain how cloning is achieved, the benefits and dangers of human cloning, address my views on genetic discrimination, policies that I suggest to prevent abuses of genetic engineering, and why an exact clone an never be carried out. First, I will discuss how cloning is made possible. After several attempts, Professor Ian Wilmat and his partners successfully cloned “Dolly”. Cloning is a very intricate process and it requires special equipment and modern technology. To begin, a cell is removed from the organism that is going to be replicated, also known as the donor. The cell is extracted by an incision in the skin, a sample of blood or even a piece of the actual skin. Next, the second reproductive cell is taken from the female organism. The entire deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is removed from the nucleus. (DNA contains all the information of heredity.) A small a mount of DNA is also removed from the donors cell nucleus. At this time, the donors DNA is forced into the second cells nucleus. This allows the two cells to be synonymous in terms of genes and DNA. Fussion is used to combine the two cells. At this point the carrier must be found, if it is not already present. The carrier is the female that wishes or is willing to give birth to the cloned baby. In…

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