I. Main Characters A. Anthem- Protagonist An

I. Main Characters A. Anthem- Protagonist Anthem is the protagonist or the “good guy” in the story. “It is good to be=20 your child, Earthmaker,” this statement tells us that Anthem is a Singerian=20 (a Christian). “The power of EarthMaker will be yours, to bear the Singer an= d=20 his Song before the kings of Terra. I believe he is a static character=20 because he stayed essentially the same through out the entire story. And=20 Anthem answered, “Admit your emptiness, and open to the Wind. Receive the=20 Stigmon of the Singer,” this was at the beginning of the story where Anthem=20 was witnessing. This was closer to the end and Anthem was still witnessing=20 “Both Earthmaker and his Singer are here. And you may be unchained if you cr= y=20 out your guilt.” He is a metaphorical character of an amalgamation of variou= s=20 different characters from the Bible. What I gathered was he was all of the=20 disciples. And mainly Paul, because Paul’s name was Saul and God changed it.= =20 Anthem’s name was Madman but God changed it to Anthem. He sung (witnessed)=20 the Ancient Star-Song to the people of Terra (earth). His character is=20 revialed through direct exposition because it is told exactly what he is,=20 “From now on you will be Anthem, for you will be the Herald of Anointing,”=20 God said. B. Sarkon- Antagonist. He was the opposing character, rival, or “bad guy”. “As the wail rose in the= =20 streets, Sarkon, The World Hater, at a triump which he knew would be short=20 lived.” I believe he was a static character because he stayed the same=20 through the whole story. “He (Sarkon) hated Terra as he always had.” I=20 believe he was revealed through direct exposition, “Sarkon, the World Hater= =E2=80=A6″=20 He is a metaphorical character to Satan. He was an evil character and you=20 quickly detest him. “Meanwhile he (Sarkon) enjoyed seeing Terra at the point= =20 of death.”=20 C. Invader- Protagonist…

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