I plan to play a lot of basketball this summer.

I plan to play a lot of basketball this summer. We will probably end up going to nationals in Orlando, which would be a lot of fun. I will lift a lot of weights to get stronger also. Other than playing basketball, I will be going to Oregon and visiting friends and family. I should spend about 3 weeks there. I will obviously work on my tan. I plan to work on learning the bass guitar. That should be a lot of fun, because I have a lot of musical talent that I havent had the time to use. I think that peer-pressure for me right now isnt bad at all. I am not being pushed into drugs heavily, or anything else that is illegal. The pressure to perform well in basketball is high right now. I am not liking that, I feel that I will probably take a break from playing ball relatively soon. Because of my peer-pressure in basketball, I have not had much time to do school work. It get frustrating when your teachers get mad at you for not doing your work, when it really isnt your fault. I think I have put lots of work into my school year. I will stay up all night sometimes to do projects, like I am doing right now. Considering I have basketball, school, chores, weights, and friends to deal with, I think that I am doing alright. Some teachers just are never satisfied though. I am excelling well in all of those categories. Next year I will do a lot better in school though. I need to come out of high school with about a 3.4 GPA. I dont necessarily have a dream car. There are many cars that interest me, but none that out-weight the rest. I am sufficient at time management skills. I definitely could improve in that area, but for all the things that I have to do in one day, I think that I do a plenty good job. As I said 2 paragraphs ago, I will be spending more time on school next year, which means that something will have to give a little. I believe that something will be basketball. I dont think there sho…

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