I try and govern my life by this simple saying,

I try and govern my life by this simple saying, live in the present, learn from the past and plan for the future. Enjoy the company of family as it is now, think about the moral codes that were set forth eons ago, and gain wisdom and knowledge from your future experiences. The statement above being a smiple version of my life philosophy, will be elaborated in the following paragraphs, although still not to its full extent. The world has many different views on morals. Strangely enough everyone thinks they are right. In the text that follows I will attempt to explain certain ideas or principles on religion, life, death and good verses evil. When I was little I believed unquestionally in God, Who is all powerful and all good. But as I grew older, I begin to question what my believes were. If this God is all good than why is there hate and suffering in the world? Why did he send the rain that flooded the whole earth and killed all those people! Those questions I can not answer nor do I think anyone on this earth can answer those questions truthfully. There is a power greater than our own somewhere out there. Churches and priests were needed back in time to set morals and codes to a primitive people. But, now our society has advanced to the point were individuals can decipher what is right and wrong. Excluding the occasional serial killer. But that is why there is police, to enforce the ! laws. I don’t need a priest telling me what is right,or begging for more money. Everybody needs a family. Your family is a main part of growing up and that is why it is sad to see kids in foster homes and on the streets. My family has a big impact on me. I enjoy spending time with them even if we are just sitting around doing nothing. There are many different families on the earth and they all add up to the world’s population. Which needs some form of government to control and watch over it. But if you think about it do we really need a government? The …

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