Ibm- Overcome the Stress of Can’t Take Off

How might IBM go about improving its flexible vacation policy to help alleviate some of the stress experience by employees who feel like they take time The flexible vacation policy is aim to give employees the option to take limitless days off creates a better work Employees have the autonomy to manage their own workload and take sick or personal days whenever they need to and for as long as they There is no unused time at the end of the there is no carry forward into the next and there is no payout of accrued days when the employment relationship Flexible vacation policy can increase the productivity since the employee can choose the where the location they doing their job and when they are these can lead employees more willing to contribute to the organization if they felt their working environment is the traditional vacation policy allocates a specific number of and personal days to each employee depending on length of time at the Sometimes employees are able to carry over a certain portion of unused vacation time into a new year or they can sell back their unused days to the To tracking these days off using costly

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