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Iconic essay1. Iconic Scenes[The doors] open and reveal a silver cauldron that holds the body of AGAMEMNON shrouded in bloody robes, with the body of CASSANDRA to his left andCLYTAEMNESTRA standing to his right, sword in hand.WOYZECK comes to the window. MARIE and the DRUM-MAJOR dance past without noticing him. MARIE [as she dances past]: Go on! Go on! WOYZECK [choking]: Go on! Go on!There are many scenes in the plays we have read that carry iconic significance. They are the moments that seem laden with symbolic meaning and stickin the mind, exemplifying the play?s treatment of larger issues?they are the single moments that stand in for the whole play in some way. We don?tall agree, of course, on precisely which moments are the iconic ones, but most of us carry a pretty common set of these in our mind?they are what popup on first recollection when we think about a play. With reference to at least three different plays that we have read this semester, discuss what you think to be the most powerful iconic scene orscenes. What makes them iconic? What ideas or problems do they represent or embody? How does the way they are constructed affect the way weunderstand the play in which they appear? Remember to use concrete detail, and try to offer in-depth analysis and not just summaries. You do not need to discuss each of the three differentexamples at length, as that may not work very well, but you do need to bring at least three into your essay.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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