Identifications of Twenty-first Century

Identifications of Twenty-first CenturyPaper detailsThesis Statement must be submitted before 12/1. Annotated Bibliography(1-2pages) must be submitted before 12/3. the Final Paper(8-10pages) must be submitted before 12/5.Topic: While the importance of identifying factors may have changed over the years, it is a certain fact that each generation places emphasis on different factors that reflect the societal norms of the time. What are the four most important factors to the twentysomething generation? (Older students should use their generation.) Are these identifications positive or negative? Do they contribute to a more unified or more segregated society? Thesis statement should pertain to whether or not the society of the ?twentysomethings is unified or disjointed as a result of these factors. Do they matter? Length: 8-10 pages, double spaced, plus a Works Cited page Style: MLASources: maximum of 6, minimum of 4 ? Factors should presented in order of importance ? Your Works Cited page will include only the citations from your Annotated Bibliography? Annotated Bibliography information is attached in the file upload. only the Annotated Bibliography need to be single space, 1-2 pages.8 and a half pages of paper. 1 and a half pages of bibliography:

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