Identify International Marketing Opportunities

Identify International Marketing OpportunitiesCase Study 1This is a ?reverse? case study assessment. You will have to read the article and demonstrate your ability to apply the theory on Hofstede?s cultural dimensions. In your answers, refer to the article (Jones, M. L. (2007) Hofstede ? Culturally questionable?)QUESTIONS:1. Think of a situation that would illustrate a case of Power Distance (PD). Describe that situation and a degree of Power Distance.2. In your opinion, is Australia an egalitarian country? Explain your answer and provide an example.3. In your opinion, which argument against Hofstede?s theory is most valid? Explain your point of view based on the reading.4. Illustrate Hofstede?s findings (PD, Ind, Masc/Fem, and UA) using comparisons of Australia with any other culture (country) of your choice!

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