images of icons1) Take 20 imag

images of icons1) Take 20 images of icons that impact your daily life. These need to be icons youencounter personally? no lifting images off of the interwebs. Reduce the file size ofthese images to no more than 500 pixels in any the largest dimension and 100 ppi.Briefly (1-2 sentences) tell me what it is and how it affects your life.2) Select ONE of those images and deconstruct/analyze it EXCLUSIVELY in regards to thereading. Your target should be approximately 500 words. Talk about the aesthetics ofthe icon and do NOT offer an overwrought interpretation (in other words, a Pepsi icondoes not represent the universal struggle between good and evil). Be very specific andfocused? think about the purpose of the icon. Think about the idea of form andfunction. Try to get in the head of the artist/designer.!

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