Imaginary Plato-style dialogue between Socrates and Descartes

Imaginary Plato-style dialogue between Socrates and DescartesOrder Instructions:Write an imaginary Plato-style dialogue between Socrates and Descartes. The subject should be the role of God in human knowledge. Assume that Socrates speaks for Plato. Hint: Plato does not give a big role to God (or the gods) while Descartes does. This piece should be about 1000 words.Use the following format:Socrates: Hello, Rene. How are you today? Have you heard that Google has announced the availability of a driverless car for the mass market?Descartes: Oh, hi, Socrates. Yes, I have heard that. And it?s just in time too because my eyesight is getting so bad that I have been considering giving up my driver?s license.!

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