Imagine being able to grow plants and/or crops

Imagine being able to grow plants and/or crops everyday of the year in smaller spaces without the use of any soil. Hydroponics is a soiless agriculture that does just this. The idea for the use of plant growth without any soil was developed in the eighteen hundreds. Hydroponic gardening is an old idea yet new methods have been formed to give you three hydroponic gardening options. These three options are defined by uses of different mediums. Fifteen to twenty minutes of care per day can produce beautiful plants and enough food to feed one family a day. Hydroponic environments are indoors so weather changes do not effect them. All mediums use certain solutions which vary with different types of mediums. Hydroponic environments are easy to build and easy to take care of and the advantages are great. This form of agriculture is one of man’s simple yet helpful ideas that can better the earth and it’s people. Hydroponics is a soiless agriculture that was originally used for growing plants in the winter. Hydroponic agriculture is also known as soiless agriculture, nutriculture, or chemical culture. Hydroponic plants can be gardened in several different ways. Hydroponics uses different nutrient solutions to ensure better plant life. Plants need nutrients and moisture to survive and soil provides this. When hydroponic gardening is used these necessities increase and the plant lives a fuller and more beautiful life. As it was already mentioned, the advantages of hydroponic gardening are great. It was also already mentioned that hydroponic gardening reduces the amount of space used and can be grown all year long. But this is only the beginning of the advantages of hydroponic gardening. People who have hydroponic gardens don’t have to put up with soil-borne pests and diseases and they don’t have to pull any weeds. Food crops grow and mature at a much faster rate in non-soil mediums than in soil …

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