Immigration Policy

A) Organization: The paper should be divided into sections:1. Define the problem or public policy issue. Why is this issue? What is the problem? This part ought to be roughly 350-400 words.2. Give a history of the ways in which this policy has been addressed (or ignored). What has been done before? Give a thorough Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of this. Why did previous attempts at fixing this problem not work? This part should be roughly 650 ? 850 words.3. Interview at least one person involved in the creation or implementation of this policy area. This means finding who to call and then calling this person or persons. Ask them why they supported or opposed the policy. Ask them what they think needs to be done regarding this policy issue. Ask them what they think stands in the way of creating or implementing their idea of a full solution to this problem. Then thank them for their time. This section needs to be between 300-500 words.4. What are proposed policy alternatives that address this issue? Go into detail. Do you favor one over the other(s)? Why? This part should be roughly 650 ? 850 words.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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