ImmigrationInstruction:?In the mid-nineteenth century, changes in thinking about the formation of individual character, the importance of home life, spiritual redemption, the nature of poverty, the causes of crime and vice, and the sources of disease all converged to produce a moral environmentalist approach to the urban poor. The new concepts encouraged the idea that the physical disorder and dilapidation of the slums determined, or helped to determine, the physical and moral condition of their inhabitants.? (Von Hoffman, 2)Stephen Crane exemplified the idea that environment shaped human behavior in Maggie A Girl of the Streets (A Story of New York). Jacob Riis furthered the call for housing reform with the publication of How the Other Half Lives (Studies Among the Tenements of New York). Analyze how these two primary works reflect the moral environmentalist approach discussed by Von Hoffman.Do you think these works deepened the anti-immigrant feelings at the time? Or did they propose new ways of looking at urban problems and hence open new avenues for solutions? How? (Immigration debate readings/Abbott chapters)You must use ALL and ONLY the FIVE sources I provided in the attachments.You may also need to relate this paper to order S-9656-7960-3095 that you did and Summary of Maggie_A Girl of the Streets that I uploaded.Thanks:

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