Impact of Computer Graphics in Our Daily Life

Computer Graphics and State of the A r t and Outlook for the Future Julie Dorsey Leonard McMillan Computer graphics has revolutionized the drafting enabling the rapid entry and modification of designs Musachusetts Instbitute o f Technology Figure In modeling and rendering systems have proven to be invaluable aids in Introduction the visualization allowing designers During the three decades since Ivan to walk through their designs with photorealSutherland introduced the Skerchpad system istic imagery Figure there has been an outpouring of computComputer graphics systems have also demoner graphics systems for use in architecture strated utility for capturing engineering In response to this most of greatly simplifying the analysis and the major architectural firms around the construction of proposed it world have embraced the idea that computer is important to consider that all of these literacy is mandatory for We would tasks occur near the conclusion of a larger that most of these recent design In most of the artistic developments have failed to tap the potential and intellectual challenges of an architectural design have already been resolved by the time the designer sits down in front of a In seeking insight into the design it is generally of little use

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