impact of inclusion for schools

impact of inclusion for schoolsAssignment 1 Details: Discussion PaperThis assignment requires you to refer to current research literature, to write a 1500 word discussion paper which addresses the questions below. You need to only refer to inclusive practices in New South Wales and Australia. You may use subheadings in your work if you desire.1. What is inclusion? Reflect on the impact of inclusion for schools (200 words). 2. Read the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Education (2005). Briefly discuss the implications of these policies for a classroom teacher (500 words). 3. The issue paper below identifies a number of challenges that may arise in applying inclusive practices within a school. Choose one challenge and discuss in detail. Provide suggestions as to how this challenge could be practically addressed by a school. You will need to refer to academic references (i.e., journal articles, reports, book chapters etc) in your address of this question (800 words) Issue Paper Reference: Cologon, K.,(2013) Inclusion in education: towards equality for students with disability Retrieved from: This issue paper is also available on vUWS in the assessment folder. Assessment criteria 1. Provides a thoughtful and accurate definition of inclusion 2. Discusses the impact on inclusion for schools 3. Provides a well-considered discussion of the impact of the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) for classroom teachers 4. Provides a well-considered discussion of the impact of the Disability Standards for Education (2005) for classroom teachers 5. Discusses in detail one challenge arising from inclusive practices in school. Refers to quality, relevant academic literature in discussion. 6. Discusses in detail practical and useful suggestions to how the challenge could be addressed by school. Refers to quality, relevant academic literature in discussion. 7. Correct use of inclusive terminology 8. Selects appropriate recent and relevant academic research literature. Evidence of at least 10 academic sources including the set text 9. Correct use of the APA referencing style. 10. Uses appropriate and clear academic writing. Work is free from grammatical and spelling errors and within the word limit.Assignment 2:Primary English essay:In order to complete this assignment you need to: Examine and discuss what ?writing and representing? involves for learners in multimodal classrooms using the NSW BOS English K?10 Syllabus. This will require you to explore current text requirements, classification of texts, theoretical perspectives and models that underpin the English K?10 Syllabus. ? Discuss what constitutes as a ?text? and what composing a text can involve in a multimodal classroom. ? Draw from at least FIVE recent readings, that include a combination of articles, chapters, books that are no older than 10 years, to gain a deeper understanding of the current approaches for ?writing? development in the NSW BOS K?10 English Syllabus. These readings do not all have to come from the ?suggested reading? list. ? Reference the NSW BOS English K?10 Syllabus (Board of Studies NSW, 2012) and the Australian English Curriculum v3.0 (ACARA) to support your discussion. You will need to consider the aim, rationale of the syllabus with particular focus on the writing and composing outcomes from the syllabus document to support your arguments. You will also need to consider the syllabus inclusions for EALD learners and the diversity of learners. ? Use the readings you have selected and Syllabus documents to support claims within your body of work, to develop your reflections and critically analyse the essay topic. ? Your investigation into the current approaches to ?writing and representing? will, in turn, assist you to consider the implications for your classroom practice in order to adequately meet text requirements and the cross curriculum priorities when teaching writing and representing in primary schools. ? Present your work professionally, ensuring you demonstrate an appropriate level of academic literacy. ? Check spelling, vocabulary choice, grammar (wording, sentence structure and correct tense and punctuation). ? PROOFREAD your essay before you submit your work. Clarity of ideas and grammar will affect your grade.Assessment criteria 1. Examines and discusses insights gained about theoretical perspectives and models that underpin the NSW BOS English K?10 Syllabus. 2. Discusses current text requirements, classification of texts, cross curriculum priorities in terms of the impact on teaching and learning about composing in ES1?S4. 3. Discusses what constitutes a text when composing in ES1?S4 multimodal classrooms considering the NSW BOS English K?10 Syllabus. 4. References and incorporates the NSW BOS English K?10 Syllabus and English ACARA Documents. 5. Discusses implications for planning to differentiate the learning and meet the needs of EALD students in diverse classroom contexts. 6. Reflects on insights and ideas presented in above criteria (1-5). 7. Discusses pedagogic implications for their classroom practice. 8. Uses a MINIMUM of FIVE recent academic references including a variety of journal articles, chapters and/or books that are no older than 10 years (IN ADDITION to the ACARA and BOS English K?10 Syllabus Documents). 9. Reflects on the impact of using language to shape texts in contexts. 10. Presents work professionally, with clear academic writing and APA referencing style within the word limit.:

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