Impact of Internet Technology to Education

INTERNET AND virtual classrooms for A schoolhouse on the edge of a An overworked teacher trying to manage a room full of boisterous Students sharing schoolbooks that are in perpetual short crammed in rows of battered Children worn out after long treks to stomachs rumbling with Others who vanish for weeks on helping their parents with the Still others who never come lacking the money to pay for school uniforms and school Such is the daily dilemma faced by many young people in the developing world as they seek to obtain that most precious of all an With the global economy relying more than ever on brainpower and innovation rather than raw materials and manual labour as generators of a good education has become the key factor determining who will succeed and who will be left With countries in the developing world stretching their budgets to the and with education ranking low on some list of spending the odds seem to be stacked against their And the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization estimates that there will be more people to educate in the next thirty years than have ever been educated up to this point in Figures for 1995

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