Impacts of the British Colonization of Kenya

History Russell McGillivray Kenya The British colonization of Kenya destroyed the culture and economy of the native but it established a democratic government and left Kenya a more modernized During the through the start of was an age of One place that felt victim to this imperialism was At this time Africa was a wholly unmodernized The reason the Europeans went after Africa was the introduction of the idea of social Darwinism and the Social Darwinism is the belief that only the strongest and the most cunning can make it to the top of the social and it was the White Burden to step in for these undeveloped countries and lead the Africans for So the European powers set out taking all of Africa piece by piece until the start of After this period there were only 4 African countries left compared to a modern day 50 Britain was one of the most powerful countries at this time and took tons of land all over the world for trading and Kenya is a country founded on over 70 different cultural each one has their own language and cultural When the British came into they knew very little to none of

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